She Saw A “Pregnant” Woman Begging For Handouts. What She Recorded Next Will Shock You!

There have been stories circulating all over about how some people use other people’s generosity to swindle them of their cash. As much as we all want to believe it’s not true, it’s hard to refute hard evidence. We found a video that’s now driving the online community so mad!

Melissa Smith is an intelligent lady who likes to ascertain anything she suspects as fake. When she saw a pregnant woman begging for money at a parking lot, she had a gut feeling, so she took out her cellphone and began filming. At some point, the woman and her “little son” left for the nearby gas station. They got into a car with another man and left. And it was a Benz!

Melissa was taken aback! She followed the fraudsters to another place where the same woman started begging again. When she realized she was being filmed, she tried to harass Melissa with a big rock. Can you believe that?!

You’ve to see this. This video has now been viewed over 6 million times with people “breathing fire” about these kinds of shameless fraudsters.

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