Granny Laughing While Reading Book To Grandson Has Internet Laughing Along With Her

We all know that grandmas are the best. They try to make their grandkids happy by doing a lot of fun activities and buying them a lot of toys.

Grandmas don’t care if they spoil their grandchildren. They do everything they can to satisfy them. From singing, to reading books, there isn’t anything they won’t do in order to entertain the cuties they love the most.


This grandma choose to read her grandchild a book about the Wonky Donkey, she thought he would find it amusing, but what actually happened is that she ended up entertaining herself. As she went through the lines, she couldn’t help but laugh. Her laughter was so loud and it is so contagious that it will make you laugh as much as she does. It was her first time reading the book and she had no clue it was so entertaining. Her Scottish accent makes the experience even more memorable. When the mommy decided to capture the footage of this adorable couple bonding, she had no idea it will turn out that hilarious.


The video quickly spread like wildfire the moment it was posted online. Many people found what this grandma does for the grandchild adorable, and she had also fun while doing it. She keeps laughing out loud while she reads along and the donkey’s name changes with every other page. The confused little boy had no idea why his grandma is so excited about. The Craig Smith’s book now gained popularity because of this lovely lady who made our day.

Take a look at this granny who knows how to lift her spirits up and enjoys the little things in life.

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