Security experts attribute the automated thefts to the so-called development of modern vehicle security and digital vehicle communication systems. Keyless types of vehicles allow you to be lazy, push a button and leave your car, but smart thieves can bypass the system and high tech. The bad guys don’t need your key to steal your car.

According to Sky News, bandits are taking advantage of these keyless keys and can copy their code and amplify the sound even when the device is not near your car. Thieves can turn on the device and loot your car, and most of these accidents happen late at night.

A USA Today report says law enforcement is unprepared for the sudden increase in digital car theft. However, you can take action and stop these greedy thieves in their tracks, which is very inexpensive.

The two-step hack includes an empty coffee can. that is true. Just store the item in your coffee can at night, says former cybersecurity expert Holly Hubert. She told USA Today that the isolation will disable the signal, so bandits can’t steal the code. “The cyber threat is so dynamic and ever-changing that it’s hard for consumers to keep up.”

During daylight hours, another effective hack (step two) involves some aluminum foil. Wrap your ignition switch tightly with aluminum foil to avoid the signal. It works and costs next to nothing.

Prevention is better than cure and a few thousand dollars less. Nobody wants their precious wheels ripped and stuck. The price is high and the inconvenience is frustrating.

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