There was a performance at the First Baptist Church of White Pine down in Tennessee, and it’s now breaking the internet with over 4 million views in a matter of days. You want to know what really happened in there!

It was during a nativity where some kids were tasked with playing the roles of Mary, Joseph, Angels, Sheep, and other animals to depict the birth of Jesus. In this case, the Jesus is a little doll placed in a manger. Well, things were going all well, until a sheep decided to have a dance with baby Jesus!

The sheep grabbed the doll from the manger and tried to dance with it onstage, but that didn’t seem to impress Mary. She took Jesus from the sheep and put him right back in the manger. Well, the sheep didn’t seem like a character to give up just so easily. The “animal” grabbed Jesus right back out again!

What happened next left the whole church congregation in stitches. Mary will do anything to protect her baby from a bad sheep. You have to see this!

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