When Darci Lynne first stepped onto the stage, she presented the image of a shy girl. People could even see her nerves twitch as she figured out how to kick off her thing. But once the “steam” caught on, people went down in awe!

Darci is a ventriloquist. She started out a couple years back as part of her drive to beat shyness. She hates the fact that she can’t maintain eye contact with people, so she figured that by having a nice puppet with her, she could work her way out of the cocoon. Little did she know that this very creative idea would end up turning her into an overnight internet sensation!

That’s until she decided to enter the competition on America’s Got Talent. She brought with her the cute puppet named Petunia. As she prepares to start her thing, the puppet takes over the show and starts out on a solo that almost brings the house down. She tries to fight through to get a chance to sing too, but Petunia won’t let her. What a performance!

You want to watch this and get your heart stolen right now.

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