She Sings Elvis Classic as Her Brother Plays The Piano. In a Moment, Song Turns Into Spine-Chilling Mash-Up

It’s not every day that a sibling team goes on air to steal people’s hearts on the internet, and that’s one reason why these two cool humans are making quite a wave for their incredible video. You want to know what Capri and her big brother Kenny Holland did to deserve this!

Now, these two happen to be humans of musical passion. They love music, particularly the mash-ups that feature various lovely tunes that make up a jaw-dropping combo. To work their way to their dream performance, they decided to try out a mash-up of their own. They chose two songs. But it’s just how they delivered their “punch” that’s breaking the internet!

In the video, Kenny is working the piano while his little sister starts out on Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling.” The two then team up for a duet and end up switching it up into another song. You don’t need a description of just how graceful and lovely this is.

Hit the play button right now and get wowed by this epic talent display.

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