Sisters set hidden cameras in mom’s care home – horrified by what staff are caught doing

When you see someone you love becoming incapable of taking care of themeselves because of an illness they suffer is the most heartbreaking thing ever. So when 71-year-old Joy Lewis was diagnosed with Alzheimer, her 3 daughters did what they could to take care of her and provide her with all her needs. Unfortunately, Joy’s condition got worse over time, and her family decided it would be best to place her at a nursing home.

At the beginning, Joy loved the place. However, with every visit of her daughters and family, they could feel something is wrong. They became more and more suspicious, they wanted to make sure their mother was treated well, so they set up a hidden camera inside her room and waited to see how the elderly woman got the bruises on her body and why her skin was covered in sores.

They couldn’t believe what they saw. Some terrifying images. their mother was treated with disrespect. She had been dragged out of bed, by the arms. She was also refused her medicaments, water, or proper food. Her pleas to go the bathroom were completely ignored. Joy was living a nightmare and her daughters decided to take revenge on the nurses for the pain they caused.

However, it looks like the authorities in this city of England weren’t strict to the wrongdoers, as they were given suspended prison sentences and ordered to carry out community service, although they confessed they committed the act.

Joy’s daughters believe every facility like the one where their mother was placed should have cameras installed.

The video below shows violent images that some viewers may find disturbing.

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