The video you’re about to watch is a dance routine performed by RagaZZa, a women dance group from Bytča, Slovakia.

Posted in 2016, the 6 women dressed as cowgirls, decided to make the dance floor their own and bring some country vibes to the floor for the audience to enjoy.

Once viewed as a kind of backwoods music, country music has since made its way into the mainstream music industry.

Collaboration between pop singers and rappers and country music artists has given this genre of music a whole new feel, one that these six girls of RagaZZa intended to bring out on the dance floor.

It is routine to see dance numbers performed by groups of dancers at gatherings, but seeing these young girls march into the tune of a country song clad in cowboy boots and hats was an unexpected surprise for guests. Treating the dance floor as their own rodeo arena, these girls made it their own and took charge of the stage.

One by one, each dancer took her place and began swaying with the music as it filled the building. Immediately in awe, the crow took note of their charismatic country dance moves and boot-stomping routine. Wearing midriff-bearing red and black plaid shirts with skinny jeans and cowboy boots, these girls looked nothing less than the part. Their waist-long hair and bright smiles entranced the audience as they breezed through the steps that they had obviously practiced so many times before.

Not only is the routine that caught the crowd’s attention, but the way in which these girls owned the stage and appeared so comfortable made this act unique and memorable. Moving through a routine of several lively tunes, these cowgirls never missed a step.

It was not only popular country music that they danced to, either. Yodeling music was a top favorite of guests, and the girls were able to mix up their routine according to accommodate this unique kind of song. Most of the music, however, was a combination of typical Western music and Appalachian Folk that comprises so many elements of popular country music.

What did you think of these girls’ cowgirl dance? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this along!

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