Lance is a grown-up guy with his own kids, but he still loves his mom just like he did as a kid. In fact, there are some things that they used to together and are still doing!

You see, as a kid, Lance and his dear mom used to dance to various beautiful songs playing on the radio. Whenever a nice song came on, Lucy, Lance’s mom, would grab the little kid and start dancing around with him. Well, seems like these two got addicted in the process!

Case in point? It’s what happened on this nice night. On this day, Lucy couldn’t sleep, so she figured out she could spend the time doing something cool with her son. The moment she snags him, he grabs her hand and starts something that’s now breaking the internet into beautiful pieces!

As fate would have it, a good song happened to come on radio just as the two started their thing. It’s “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor. Watch as the mother-son duo slide and swirl around the kitchen to make this a “world event!” Awesome!

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