Son pronounced dead in crash that killed his dad — Then tells mom about 2 kids he saw in heaven

Something happened way back in 1997, and people are still not done with it. It’s still boggling the minds of many. You want to know about it too!

One day, Julie Kemp was with her hubby, driving from church along with their son Landon, 8. Their vehicle was involved a grizzly accident that claimed the life of her hubby. The officers who responded to the call to help didn’t realize that little Landon was trapped in the car until they saw his shoe. The car was so badly damaged that they couldn’t have seen him easily. When he was taken out of the car, Landon was lifeless, and even the doctors seemed to give up on him. But then he spent 3 weeks in coma and finally woke up all by himself and without any indication of brain damage!

Everyone was baffled, but they were to get their jaws dropped even more heavily. Landon had lots of stories to tell. Turns out, according to the little one’s story, he was in heaven and even saw his dad there. In fact, he even met a few other friends who had died before the accident. Who else did he see? His mom’s other two kids. When he told his mom, she had no idea what he was talking about, but then..?!

Check out this video to hear the whole story!

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