When you have little kids, your top priority is to keep them safe at all times. However, it is hard to keep track of the kids when they go out to play, especially if they have a bike or other mobile toys. Kidnappers use this very loophole to commit crimes. One tried something with a little girl!

This story is about one 11-year-old boy who saved a little girl from a kidnapper. TJ Smith was playing outside the house when he witnessed something rather unsettling. Here was a little girl riding her bike, and then a big man showed up, grabbed her, and took off. It was a terrifying experience.

At first, TJ thought the man was probably a relative of the girl, but the manner in which this was happening raised eyebrows. He needed to do something, and fast! He ran into a neighbor’s house for help. While the neighbor, James Were, fetched his car keys, TJ ran out to pursue the criminal. James tracked TJ down the street, and together they subdued the crook, held him down, and called the cops – All that because a little kid decided to be proactive.

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