Strangers Give Waitress Life-Changing Tip, Then Last Customer Asks Her to Come Outside

Chelsea Roff was 15 when she struggled with a severe eating disorder. One day as she was walking through a grocery store, she suffered a stroke prompting her to change her lifestyle.

She took up yoga and turned her life around. In 2014, she worked as a waitress in a Los Angeles restaurant and ran her nonprofit organization known as Eat Breathe Thrive. The organization seeks to help people with eating disorders through yoga.

Although Chelsea struggled to make ends meet, she never gave up.  Her external circumstances did not slow her down.

Chelsea’s friends and co-workers noticed her determination and nominated her for the “Prank It Forward” surprise. The folks at Break gave Chelsea the best shift of her life.

For starters, they put the best tippers at Chelsea’s section.

The first customer said he was in a hurry, asked for his meal and dropped $1000 as a tip before leaving.

Chelsea insisted on splitting the tip but the rest asked her to keep it for herself. The surprises did not end there as two travel agents gave her two travel tickets to Hawaii.

Things took a different turn as the surprises kept coming.

Her last customer had the ultimate surprise.

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