It is always entertaining to witness the little ones try things for the 1st time, It is so important for them to practice new activities and find out what fits them best.

Just like this little girl in the video below, it was her first day of Taekwondo lessons, the Korean martial art that teaches you how to defend yourself with techniques of spins, kicks and spinning kicks!

The instructor decided to begin with breaking a plank and tried to show the little girl  how to do it with her foot. But the expectations were too far from the result, the tiny student had everyone on the floor. You’ve got to see what happened in the video below. This will surely put a smile on your face and warm your heart!

It looks easy to break the thin wooden board with your feet. While her plank-crushing technique wasn’t quite what the instructors had in mind, she gave everyone in the gym a joyful time and nobody couldn’t help but laughing at her cute moves.

By the end, there were four teachers trying to help her to perform the technique in the right way. Eventually, the teachers had an idea and she finally did it!!

There were only laughter and giggles all over the gym, even the girl’s father was in hysterics!

It seems Taekwondo may not be the best activity choice for this little one.

Watch this wonderful display in the video below.

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