Everyone is now talking about Palmerston North Boys School, and it’s all for perfectly good reasons. Get set to be treated to the most captivating dance that’ll leave you with an epic grin!

John Adams taught physics at the boy’s school based out in New Zealand for about 20 years before shifting to guidance counseling for the students, a role he played for another 10 nice years before he finally decided to retire. But that’s not the story at all!

It’s about this one tradition held by the students for long. They organized a ceremony and danced for the teacher as a farewell that signified their gratitude for this long-standing contribution to their academic success. The dance’s name is “haka,” and you’re itching to watch it!

It’s all in the video here! The dance itself is a tradition of the Maori, and it signifies strength, unity and pride. From the look of it, you can tell that everyone is truly proud of Mr. Adams. He will be missed!

Go ahead and watch the dance. If you love it as we all did, SHARE with friends!

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