The role and responsibility of parents towards their children is enormous, they always have to keep them safe and away from any possible danger or anyone who would hurt them.

Another thing parents make sure to do is to teach and warn their children of the dangers they face in their daily life – and now that technology is developing more day by day, the bad people easily find their way into our children’s lives.

This is why we had to share this horrible story to give a good example of what our teen kids can face when interacting with strangers online. This dad decided to step in when he discovered that his 15-year-old daughter was being stalked by a stranger on the internet.

After finding out that the guy has been sending his teen daughter pictures and nude messages on Facebook, this dad knew he had to do something before things could get worse. So he immediately went to the police and showed them all the messages, before hatching a plan of his own.

He installed Family Time app on his phone and started tracking down his daughter’s phone for a while, then he came to the truth that a stranger by the name of Jeremy Dewayne Gibson, was trying to convince her to meet him. After discovering that the assaulter was planning to come to the family’s house, the father started to carry out his plan which involved a tent and a surveillance camera. He lured Gibson in by saying that his daughter was waiting for him in the tent.

It didn’t take long before the hidden camera caught something that sent the chills over the father’s body. Just as he thought and planned, the stalker walked into the yard and approached the tent.

But it wasn’t the daughter who’s been waiting for him in the tent. Instead, it was a woman lying there in wait… and she wasn’t alone either. The dad and two other men were hiding close by, waiting for Gibson to make his move.

As he tried to walk into the tent, the men rushed from their hidden spot and tackled him to the ground, binding his hands and feet with cable ties.

The police thereafter hailed the sting operation, stating that it had been executed professionally and properly.

This is a good reminder to not only parents but to everyone. When you encounter a stalker, make sure to do this to protect yourself: report to the police, share the information with others, save all messages, e-mails, contacts and change your phone number, e-mail address, and always, always be careful when using your social media accounts.

Watch the dad’s genius plan in the video below:

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