Teen Who Had Foul Ball Stolen From Rude Fan, Gets Royal Treatment From Team

When baseball lover teen Ryan Baker showed up to watch a White Sox game, he had no idea the kind of cool goodies that fate had in store for him. Not even after he caught a foul ball. In fact, he couldn’t believe it when a nasty woman, who had been reaching for the ball too but missed, snatched it right out of his hand and claimed ownership.

Who does that? Really? She was even caught on live screens doing that!

When the team manager saw the unpleasant incident, he reached out to Baker and gave him a signed ball on behalf of the team. The teen also got an invite to the next White Sox game and even met the players. That’s awesome. Bake couldn’t believe it.

It’s incredible just how an unfavorable incident can turn into an instant blessing!

Watch the clip here and see it all. What do you think of this teen and how he handled the situation?

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