Teen Invited Onto Live TV. Moment He Belts Out 1st Verse Of “Hallelujah”, Audience Goes Hauntingly Silent

The Australian boy, Straalen McCallum is now an 18-year-old international singer known worldwide, and he’s still stunning his fans with his incredible vocal skills.

He was only 12-year-old when he appeared on Australia’s Channel 7 The Morning Show for Christmas Eve eight years ago, and delivered one of the best renditions of the Leonard Cohen classic “Hallelujah,” Everyone was jaw-dropped with his beautiful angelic voice.


Known for it’s powerful lyrics and awe-inspiring chorus, the old Leonard Cohen classic has been covered by countless artists; from the likes of Bon Jovi to Celine Dion. But when Straalen McCallum sings “Hallelujah”, it’s truly something special. The little boy’s voice is rich and pure, and he covers the broad range of notes in “Hallelujah” with ease.

Straaleen explained in one of his old interviews that his family realized his musical talent when he was just three years old. Now he can even play guitar, drums and piano.. What a talented kid!


Just like the audience, I was skeptical as I heard the first few lines, but as the song continued to build, this young star blew me away!

Listen to him belt out this moving song in the video below. It is truly incredible!

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