Teen Is Joined By Dad For Talent Show. Moments Later, He Belts Out Country Hit That Leaves Everyone In Awe

Jared Watson, is a boy who has spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease that affects the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement. Despite being bound to a wheelchair, Jared continues his life as usual, he goes to his school, Delmar High School. But the interesting thing about Jared and that no one knows is his love for music, you can find him singing all the time at home, and boy! he has such great voice, he can truly sing and he will stun you in the video below…

Jared always dreamed of going to Nashville to pursue his career of a singer. To make it real, Jared first has to be brave and show the world his true hidden talent. So he took part of the high school talent show and rehearsed every day at home to be ready for the big day. And it finally came, It was time for Jared to shine and let his classmates discover the gift he had been blessed with.

His father, accompanied him on the stage to play guitar for him and to support him. Jared chose the country song ‘I Told You So’ originally made by country crooner Randy Travis, then remade by country superstar Carrie Underwood. When he opened his mouth, the whole crowd was surprised by how strong his voice is. Not only this, but people could see the passion and love Jared has for music through his beautiful performance. Jared couldn’t contain his joy when he got in the top three – Now the video of his performance is going super viral. And guess what! He got the chance to record a demo CD! He absolutely deserves it and we wish him all the success in his career..

Listen  for yourself how incredible Jared’s voice is in the video below.

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