Reuben Gray is one great and cool singer as well as song writer. His moment of “pure shine” happened on Britain’s Got Talent when he took to the stage to woo people with a piano performance of “Lifeline.” But that isn’t the only reason this clip is taking root on the internet!

Now, if you put yourself in the shoes of a 16-year-old blessed with a passion for music, you’ll realize that all you wish for is for your family members to get a “kick” out of it.

Reuben would do anything to have all his beloved attend his show. On this occasion, the odds of his dad showing up were slim, and that didn’t impress Reuben. Understandably, his dad was working.

However, the teen had no idea what was in store for him when Judge Simon called out on him to check out the audience, and then he asked him something. Then a voice came out from among the audience. Next? Pure bliss!

You’ll love this. The teen took on it and killed it for his dad and mom. Watch his amazing audition in the video below:

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