Julia Hock was born with Down Syndrome, but this didn’t stop her from building the life she wants. The teen from Rancho Murieta, California was looking for a good starter-job. With her good sense of responsibility, her serious attitude and her dedication, she managed to get a jobat a local fast-food restaurant, and her reaction to the news was filmed on camera in 2017.

Everyone probably remembers their first job like it was yesterday. It might not have been the best of memories, but it certainly sticks with you for the rest of your life. Landing that first job tends to give teenagers a real sense of self-worth. The confidence boost can be just as rewarding as the paycheck.

It’s definitely difficult to keep a steady income in our modern financial state. Think about how rough it must be for people who have disabilities in this economy. The average teenager might apply to 20 openings before even getting a single interview for a minimum-wage job. When a handicapped person gets their foot in the door, then it probably took a lot more effort for them than for an average teen.

Julia has a genetic condition known as Down Syndrome. Julia has always wanted to be productive and doesn’t let anything hold her back. She was dedicated to working for the local Chick-Fil-A establishment ever since she got close to working-age.

People who are born with Down Syndrome typically suffer from intellectual barriers. The level of impairment a person experiences differs from person to person. Although it can be a debilitating handicap, Julia doesn’t let that define who she is. Simple tasks might not be as easy for someone with impairments, but being a dedicated and enthusiastic employee is more than ability alone.

“Kids at school wrote unsolicited letters of recommendation for her, and a couple of other kids helped her choose outfits and drove her to the interview”,

said Julia’s mother Kerri to Top30 TV. The hiring managers that interviewed Julia didn’t judge her for her disabilities, but instead, they saw her based on the content of her character.

One Of Julia’s relatives decided to record a video of her acceptance call from the fast-food restaurant. You can hear an employee asking over the phone if she would like to accept their job offer.

Julia is overjoyed by the great news and looks completely overwhelmed with happiness.

She accepts the offer as soon as she regains her composure. The caller lets her know that they will soon be in contact with her to schedule training and get her started.

Her family can barely contain themselves as her mother suggests she tell the employee that she is excited with the opportunity. When the call is over Julia exclaims

“I’m hired!”

Everyone then jumps in with hugs and encouragement. A truly great moment was captured and cemented into the history books. Check out this amazing video here:

Do you know anyone who needs Julia’s special moment for their own bravery? Use this great story to encourage your friends and family to overcome their obstacles in life.

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