When Kaylee and Carter went to school together, something terrible happened.

When Kaylee Suders became a senior in high school, her boyfriend, Carter, promised her he’d take her to the school prom. A year older than Kaylee, Carter had by that point graduated and started his freshman year at a college in another city. He drove back to see Kaylee every chance he could.

Then one morning a month before prom, Carter got in his car to drive to Kaylee’s house — but he never arrived.

Carter was involved in a three-car accident and died. Kaylee was, of course, devastated, but Carter’s parents were beyond devastated — the year before, they had lost their other son.

When Carter’s mom, Kelly, heard that Kaylee had changed her mind about going to prom, she got a brilliant idea.

Kaylee had already bought her dress and looked forward to going to prom. Carter’s dad, Rob, couldn’t bear to see her so full of sadness. So he bought himself a suit and invited Kaylee to the night that she had looked forward to her entire childhood.

When Kaylee Carter’s dad and Kaylee arrived at the prom, people were moved to tears. Carter’s dad’s only thought was to help his son’s girlfriend have a memorable night amid all the sadness — and what night it became.

They celebrated the prom as a tribute to Carter, who should have been at Kaylee’s side.

Even though the evening was filled with tears, Carter’s mother said something that we should all take to heart: “I’ve learned that when you do something that’s hard out of love for someone else, you gain strength. And I’ve been reminded that I still have the best husband in the world.”

Watch more details of the story in the video below:

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