Most of bikers and biker clubs don’t have a good reputation. However, the biker club we’re about to watch are putting their time and passion into helping abused children. Many children are being sexually and physically abused. These bikers are showing up for these kids to help them overcome the trauma and fear they’re living with.

Called B.A.C.A, which stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse, the nonprofit bikers group recently came together to help a child testify against an abuser. The bikers are clear that they won’t engage in violence or illegal activity, not even against abusers, but they will protect the children seeking their help and work to prevent anymore harm coming to them.

To do this, the bikers, who are already familiar with the children, will create a wall of protection in the courtroom, giving the child someone to focus on other than their abuser. Doing this empowers children to face their abusers in court in order to gain justice and hold their abuser accountable for the crime they committed.

Aid doesn’t end in the courtroom, the bikers are there for the children and their families in whatever way they need. Counseling, school assistance, a shoulder to lean on, and countless other requests and services are provided to the family, reports RideApart. Most important though is the show of strength and support children and their families find in the bikers. The tough biker persona gives children confidence and lets them know that they aren’t alone.

As an organization, B.A.C.A. provides assistance and aid to hundreds of children and families, supported through charitable giving. The money they raise is able to help pay for much needed counseling and aid for the victims. But more than monetary and financial aid, the gift of their time is necessary to make the group run.

Every biker involved in the group is vetted, through background checks and a stiff program, reports RideApart. This stringent process is necessary because vulnerable children who are already at risk are the charity’s objective. The process through which every biker goes through just to volunteer proves that these are people with heart who really care and are invested in protecting these children no matter what.

B.A.C.A. is a great example of people coming together to use what they are passionate about for the good and benefit of others.
What do you think about them? Do you know anyone who should know about this?

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