Timid 14-yr-old hesitates to perform her song choice. Then she opens her mouth and floors everyone

Probably everyone feels nervous standing in front of a crowd, but in the video below, Olivia Archbold from Britain shows you exactly how it should be done.

The timid 14-year-old had been dreaming of one thing during the last 5 years, standing on a big stage, facing millions. By the end of her incredible performance, you’ll agree that her dream will come true for sure.

The jury of Britain’s Got talent, including Simon Cowell with his notoriously critical reputation, also agree!

Oilivia accompanied by her parents and two sisters. It was obvious that she’s nervous, but she was determined to not let the stress overcome her mind and make a great impression on everyone watching her.

The moment young Olivia softly lets out the first notes of beautiful classic “In the Arms of an Angel” by Canadian artist Sarah McLachlin, silence befalls the room — followed by loud cheers.

And incredibly, Simon Cowell is among the most impressed!

Listen to Olivia’s spellbinding performance for yourself below.

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