Tiny Little Girl Gets Ready To Dance. When The Music Starts, Everyone’s Heart Melted

Sometimes, talent beats age, and one Ella Dobler is a walking load of evidence to that. Little Ella is a dancer, but you quickly realize more than that the moment she walks into the stage. She is a paragon of perfection; a sensation that’s about to overtake the crowd’s emotion. She’s that good!

In the video, Ella is captured on stage by her mom who whipped out her camera the second her kid made her popular appearance onstage. Ella walks with the perfection of a creative model. She sets herself well and gets down to the easy business of stealing people’s hearts right from the stage during this dancing competition. And then the music comes on, and she starts!

Before long, the crowd is wild. This little lady is just too good for her age! Ella doesn’t let a beat go past her. She makes sure to follow the rhythm as she makes people drop their jaws with her incredible dancing gymnastics. You can’t miss this!

Watch the clip. This kid is truly a star. And she won!

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