At St. Francis High School, California, Jim O’Connor is known to be a tough teacher who doesn’t entertain nonsense in his calculus and algebra classes. Being a military veteran who served in Vietnam, this man has the character of a serious, focused guy, but that doesn’t erode the fact that he has a really soft spot for kids. No one knew what he does over the weekends until someone captured him on camera. Now everyone is saluting this guy!

Every weekend, Jim shows up at a Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. He’s a volunteer who likes cuddling the sick little ones. He also participated largely in blood donation. In fact, Jim has been doing this for the last 20 years!

In the video, you see him cuddling a child in his arms and showing off his soothing skills. The kids love him, and the hospital staff is grateful to have him around. He’s really liked around here. Watch the full clip and get the whole story.

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