Travel Guru Buys $4 Million Dollar Apartment Complex, What He Does With It? We Need More Of This..

Most business people believe in getting something out of their investments. They believe that making money is what brings real joy. Are they right?

They’re all wrong! Ask one Rick Steves, an accomplished Travel Writer who has experienced just how tough life can be trying to find a place to spend a night in the most remote areas. When Rick became successful, he decided to take other vulnerable people up with him!

He bought a $4 million complex and gave it out as residence for struggling single moms trying to find an economic footing. With this alone, Rick has managed to turn around countless lives for the better. To make it all much better, the YWCA and Rotary Club stepped in to further extend help to these happy residents of Trinity Place apartments.

Since he bought the complex in 2005 and let in these needy people to live in them, Rick hasn’t demanded a coin in rent. His reward is in the joy of giving back to the community. What a man!

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