Tio Choko is among the countless influencers who rely on views to generate income. What’s interesting is that you can even book him for events, so don’t rule out the possibility of meeting him in person. He can grace any type of occasion, including Quinceañeras, and when he does, you can be sure he’ll infuse your event with energy. One of his standout videos from 2018, now boasting an astonishing 2 million views, showcases his remarkable moves, as reported by See It Live.

The video is titled “When You Reunite With Your Favorite Cousins at The Quinceañera.” In this video, Tio Choko and some of his friends groove to the tune of “No Bailes De Caballito” by Mi Banda El Mexicano in an unexpected parking lot setting, made even more amusing by the fact that it’s in Houston.

This video features two special guest stars, the brothers from Season 14 of “America’s Got Talent,” who go by the name Heavy Weight Musik. You might recognize them from their remarkable rapping and dance performances on the show. Their stage names are Tripl3 and Lil A, and each of them boasts a substantial Instagram following of 30,000 fans

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