Two Adults Are Driving In A Little Tykes Car. A Closer Look Reveals Something STUNNING..WHOA!

 The little Tykes car is the first car every child owns. It is a red and yellow plastic car and a favorite play item for the babies and toddlers.

Are you ready to relive your childhood?

Two brothers from the UK, John and Geof Bitmead, have made that dream a reality. They have created an adult version of the toy car. Good news; it is roadworthy and street legal. Unlike the toy version, the Little Tykes car adult version has pedal power and uses petrol. It reaches up to 110km/h or 70 mph. It still retains the same color, structure (though slightly bigger), and has no windows. It also has airbags and proper lighting making it roadworthy and safe to drive on the streets.

What inspired the brothers to develop the adult model? They want to raise funds for a charity event. The entire project cost them over 1000 hours and 4000 pounds. What a great way to be a big kid on the road?

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