Two cops discover starving family living in woods; see children’s faces and go above and beyond their duties

Police officers are people who are willing to do everything they can to make sure citizens are safe. Most of the times, it’s not an easy task for them, since they can come across an unexpected situation when they have almost no time to think and take the decision, they just have to follow their gut and act quickly.

Deputies Johnny Le and Tim Yee were given the order to investigate trespassers seen behind a Walmart in Sacramento, California, and they had no clue what was awaiting them there..

The two officers headed to the woods behind the store and discovered a mother with her 3 kids. They couldn’t believe their eyes and became chocked up to see what this mother is going through to look after her children in the woods.

The officers knew at that moment that it was a delicate situation and they had to response in the right way. Of course, the woman was terrified to see two police officers approaching her. Although she did nothing wrong, the mother feared the worst.

Sharon Loveless explained to the officers that she had been living in a van with her children for four months, She had taken her family in the woods behind the Walmart away from prying eyes.

But then Sharon was told by the officers that they had no choice but to take them away and she started to panic. The kids became frightened and confused!

But where the deputies took this vulnerable family brought the struggling mom to tears.

Find out what Officers Le and Yee did for this family in the video below:

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