A woman’s Facebook post has gone viral, about two officers who left their food at a restaurant before eating their meal.

Brittany Davis

Tonight we went to dinner with a friend at our local Golden Corral. As we were sitting at our table eating and laughing, two uniform-clad sheriff’s deputies walked in. Both of them were on their cell phones when they entered, and they seemed a bit tense as they approached the dining area.

I watched as they made their way around the buffet and assembled their plates, eventually settling opposite each other at a table close to ours. Then, no sooner than they had sat down, their radios started blaring… shots fired in a neighboring community.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the officers were on their feet and out the door, leaving their meals completely untouched. It made me wonder just how many people would be willing to leave their dinners and head directly into a dangerous situation to help a complete stranger. My guess is not many. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to our officers. Thank you for the missed meals. Thank you for the sleepless nights.

Thank you for the family time you’ve sacrificed. Most importantly, thank you for serving and protecting. You truly are everyday heroes.

Men and women willing to put their life on the line and do whatever it takes in order to protect and server their community — those are real heroes. God bless our Police.

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