With Two Strikes Left, Mom’s Answer on ‘Family Feud’ Leaves Steve Harvey in Disbelief

You all know how hard it is to think on your toes when there is a time limit. Laura was on Family Feud and had only two strikes left. Steve asked the participants to name a word or phrase beginning with “pot.” Laura knew she was the last hope in her family round and they needed to rake more points.

With a few answers already showing up on the board, Laura answered potato. Laura’s family clapped in excitement and Steve gave her a hard stare. Steve Harvey asked why they were clapping, yet it was not pronounced as “pot-tato.”

Steve began walking towards the other family on the show since he was convinced Laura was wrong. To everyone’ surprise, the word potato showed up on the screen and Laura’s family got 14 points. Steve even faked a heart attack as he walks towards Laura’s family.

The Family Feud host went ahead and offered an apology hilariously. He asked Laura to forgive him since she is older than him and knows a lot.

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