In 1966, a California-based rock band, The Beach Boys, blasted into the limelight with their new album titled “Pet Sounds.” It featured some nice tunes that went on to steal numerous hearts. But one of these great songs happened to hit just the right nerves whenever played. Wouldn’t It Be Nice? It sure would!

The song was the first track on the album, and it was written by Mike Love, Brian Wilson, and Tony Asher. These guys were the best of the times, and you’ll agree to that when you experience their talent in action. Brian was a perfectionist who always wanted everything done to the best of its production, and that’s precisely why this song still sticks in the memories of many. He made sure to sync up all the instruments to the vocals. The results? A stunning tune!

Watch and listen as The Beach Boys get down to the job of blowing your mind away with their perfectly choreographed performance. If you love this, which you sure will, hit the SHARE button and put it on Facebook!

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