The day Liz Woodward of New Jersey decided to foot the bill for the breakfast taken by two firefighters, she had no idea that things would take another turn so quickly. Tim Young and Paul Haullings had been fighting a fire in the nearby warehouse for the better part of the night. When they walked into the diner at 5 in the morning, they obviously needed the biggest cups of coffee available.

Liz just happened to overhear the two firefighters discussing their tiresome battle. Eventually, when Tim and Paul went to pay, they were greeted with a nice surprise. Instead of their bill, they were given this message.

Liz knew they had had quite a long day, so she decided to pay for their breakfast. She wrote a simple note on their bill, thanking them for their service and bravery and letting them know that she was paying for their breakfast. That caught them!

Paul and Tim needed to “know” this lady, so they shared their experience on Facebook and got some more information about her. Turns out, Liz had been struggling trying to get funding for her dad’s van. What these guys did next is just awesome! Watch the full clip below to witness everything and let us know your thoughts.

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