Waitress sees customer running to bathroom – 15 seconds later, she comes out waving hands in frantic

It was just a typical work day for Joann Leser, who’s been a waitress at the Crystal Cafe for 20 years. While nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary it only took moments for everything to turn upside-down. The situation all started when a couple came into the little establishment for breakfast.


Because it was a Saturday morning the Crystal Cafe was hopping and bopping. Although Joann was busy with her customers, she noticed a woman get up from her table and quickly head to the bathroom. From what she observed, Joann thought that maybe she was sick. But only 15 seconds later the woman opened the door and began frantically waving her hands. In an instant Joann knew something was seriously wrong with the customer – she was choking.


Without thinking Joann rushed over to the woman and spun her around, seeing the “panic in her eyes” as she fought to breath. The waitress then began the Heimlich Maneuver process, admitting that it was only from what she had seen on TV. After 2 hard thrusts the choking woman was able to spit out her food and take in air. The whole thing happened so fast that no one even had time to call 911! Joann became a hero that day, but has an important message for everyone. Watch the KARE 11 News video below to hear what it is, and to learn more about this unbelievable story!

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