Waitress’s car is so beat up people think it’s abandoned – Then customer gives her tip that changes everything

Nothing spreads love and joy like random acts of kindness. A simple act of generosity goes a long way to putting a smile on someone’s face.

When one couple moved to Missouri, they made friends with a Cracker Barrel waitress. Gary and Roxanne Tackett visited the restaurant severally, and they were pleased with the services.

Cindy Grady was one of the waitresses, and she lived with her disabled son. Cindy’s old blue car had a badly battered hood, and the windows were makeshift windows made of plastic wraps.

The Tackett’s noticed the condition of Grady’s car. The couple decided to do something about it.

One day, the manager asked Grady to step out. Grady thought she was in trouble but relaxed when she saw the Tackett’s. Gary started talking about her current car, and Grady groaned.

Gary and Grady walked into the parking lot. The duo stopped in front of a silver car with a red ribbon.  The waitress then realized what was happening.

Watch the couple’s kind gesture and Cindy’s priceless reaction after receiving her new car.

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