Many people wish they would be more confident and assertive. However, we are held back by what other people think of us and our actions, but people will not hold back and choose to live a carefree life.

Taylor Swift has a huge fan base across all ages. One teen was not afraid to dance and sing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” in the most unlikely places.

The woman chose the grocery store for her performance which got everyone talking. The video has received over one million views on YouTube.

The woman identified as Mackenzie turned her local supermarket into a dance floor. It took her a lot of courage. She wore her headphones and danced to the song as she cruised around the aisles of the store.

She lip-syncs, dances, and makes exaggerated facial expressions. She also dances behind the shopper’s backs. Her performance has caused quite a commotion on the Internet.

Watch the bubbly teen dance her way around the store and let us know what you think in the comments section. Would you be courageous enough to do that?

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