Everyone loves getting gifts, but the most amazing thing about this is giving the perfect gift to someone special.

Nothing beats the reaction someone has when they receive a gift that touches them so deep. It is just priceless and you get that good feeling when you see them so touched!

This is what exactly happened with Bill and Linda Modry who were excited to finally meet their newly adopted granddaughter. They prepared a special gift for the new lovely family member so she can remember the moment forever.

Unfortunately, when they got to the security gate at the airport, they were obliged to toss away the gift.

Amarri Hernandez and her boyfriend were waiting at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport when they saw the incident happen.

“I witnessed a man being told that he was not allowed to take his package on the plane,” Amarri writes on a Facebook post. “The guy looked at the officer and said ‘Could I leave it at the airport in the lost and found. It’s a snowglobe for my adopted grandchild.’”


But the officer still refused the man’s request.

“The officer told him to‘Put it in file 13’ and pointed at the garbage can,” Amarri writes on Facebook. “The man was hurt and threw it in the garbage.”

We love you, Nana and Papa

When Amarri saw the heartbroken grandpa walking away from the garbage can crying, it wrenches my heart. Her boyfriend decided to go and retrieve the package. When they opened it, they discovered something beautiful inside, a snowglobe with photos of the couple and the little girl inside.

It was engraved with the message: We love you Katie, Nana and Papa 1/25/16.


Amarri was desperate to return the precious gift to its rightful owners, and posted a message on Facebook to try to reunite the couple with the gift.

Amarri was determined to deliver the precious gift to its rightful owners, that’s why he posted a message on Facebook asking for help to track down the couple..


 Her post instantly went viral. Over 40,000 people shared it. Thankfully, it drew one particular person’s attention. An employee  of ‘Things Remembered’, the company that made the custom snow globe, saw Amarri’s post and got in touch.

The employee looked into the company reports until she finally discovered the identity of the person who made the order for the snowglobe. It was Linda Modry. Amarri made quickly contact with her and return her parcel to her. That’s when she realized how special the parcel was.

“She’s exceptional”

“This was something very special,” Linda tells Fox13 News. “It was for my granddaughter Katie, because my son adopted her.”

She says that her granddaughter was very sad when Linda couldn’t bring her the snowglobe to her in Ohio. Now, Linda is so grateful to Amarri for her kind gesture.


“She’s just amazing. I can’t believe that she did this,” she tells Fox13 News. “People are basically really good, and she’s just exceptional.”

Amarri insisted that she was only doing the right thing

“My mom raised us to always be good to people,” she says. “I would want the same thing to happen to me.”

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