Woman Walks Up to Street Musician and Asks to Join in – Their Rendition of Hallelujah Leaves Everyone In Chills

One thing about successful people is that they care less about what other people will say about them. They just do what their hearts lead them into. We’ve seen numerous people coming out and riding on their own incredible passions to “stardomville.”

Take the example of Susan Boyle. She got on Britain’s Got Talent and proved everyone wrong on their misguided assumptions. Strong people thrive this way, and Jade Halliwell is one of them!

One day, Jade was with some friends having a nice time in Leeds. While at it, her eye caught something of interest. Now, Jade loves music, and here’s a musician doing his thing right within her sight. It just blew her mind!

Jade walked up to Dawid Osial and requested to join in on the fun. Being a sharp guy, Dawid didn’t judge her by her dressing or anything. He just let her take the microphone and start her thing. Now you want to see this duo take on “Hallelujah.” It’s the best thing you’ll see all day!

By the time they were through, a huge crowd had gathered and applauding. Watch and clap too.

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