A group of young boys in a pure white robes stand in bright stage looking at darkened audience. They are about to sing “From a Distance” live on at Royal Albert Hall.

This amazing song has topped the charts when Bette Midler sang it after it’s first release by another singer in Ireland. The lyrics reflects the songwriter’s faith.

“From a distance there is harmony and it echoes through the land. It’s the voice of hope; it’s the voice of peace; it’s the voice of every man. From a distance we all have enough and no one is in need, and there are no guns, no bombs and no disease, no hungry mouths to feed … God is watching us from a distance.”


Libera is an all-boy English vocal group directed by Robert Prizeman. Libera regularly performs concerts in many countries, including the UK, USA and Asia, and regularly makes recordings for their own album releases and other projects. Many members also sing in the parish choir of St. Philip’s, Norbury, in South London.

The boys in Libera range in age from seven to 16 and have the purest angelic voices.


At first, the boys choir start the performance with a soothing introduction. Moments later, one of them begins the song with a short solo.

The boys are standing in small groups but later they all gather for the chorus. Their amazing voices is leaving everyone who listens in awe.


A big orchestra plays music alongside the boys. Their accompaniment adds an extra touch to this mesmerizing performance.

Audience was even surprised when some of the young boys reached perfectly the high notes! They deserve a standing ovation for this spectacular concert!


Listen to this group of young boys belting out amazingly the lyrics of “From a Distance” in the video below. They seem like angels singing, the boys deliver an outstanding performance.

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