When people are angry, the emotions may sometimes overcome their reasoning power and lead them to act aggressively or look sulky. That’s something that the dad in this video knows how to deal with, especially when his own kids go through it. He’s just the best!

In the clip here, you watch Randy Gaines talking to his little girl. The kid is angry and looking sad about something, and Randy is no position to let the negative emotions consume his little girl, so he sits her down and tries to help her handle it. So far, he’s doing a great job!

Apparently, dad was playing around with the kid and he called her a name that he’s used to calling her. Turns out, the kid is in a bad mood today, and she doesn’t take it kindly. She gets angry about it. That’s what kicks off this impressive dad-daughter talk that ultimately solves the problem once and for all. This guy’s advice is just perfect. I’m taking it to!

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