2 Elderly Fishermen Reel in a Big-Sized Fish. Seconds Later, Unwelcome Surprise Pops Out of The Water

One thing about people with a passion in fishing is that you’ll never find them fearful of the sea. They like it well in the middle of the waters as they swing their lines and catch some fish. Still, you never know what to expect out there, you know!

The guys in the clip here teamed up and decided to go out on a little relaxing boat ride as well as a fishing exercise. They were prepared for what they expected to be a thrilling experience out in the sea, but they never really expected this. You want to know what happened to these guys at Cape Cod Bay!

So they’re fishing, and they’ve caught something. One of the guys starts pulling the line to get the catch on boat, but just before that happens, something else happens and sends chills down their spines. The waters around the boat are frothing. What’s going on!

A shark! A huge White Shark showed up and stole their catch right from the fishing line. Luckily, the animal swam away and left them unharmed. You want to see this.

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