Simon Isn’t Impressed With Her “Boring” Dance Routine, But All Changes When She Utters The First Words

Britain’s Got Talent is one of those world-class shows that always get everyone’s attention. Once in a while, the world gets to a standstill every time a budding star steps onstage and leaves people breathless. One such star is little Hollie Steel. You want to know what she did!

So it came the day and the hour, and Hollie was next up to demonstrate her impeccable talent. She’s a ballerina, and she wanted to let the world know that she’s good at it. But no one really expected this to happen.

The moment Hollie steps out and starts dancing, the judges don’t seem so receptive of her apparent talent. Turns out, this lady has more cards up her sleeve than any of those bored judges could handle. Wait for the moment she opens her mouth to start belting out the lyrics to “I Could have Danced All Night,” a tune from the musical movie, My Fair Lady. She instantly turns into a sensation that’s now burning up the internet. The judges had to rise!

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