There are people out there whose passion for music is just unmatched. Of these are two Irish buddies, Glen Murphy and Ronan Scolard.  Now, Ronan and Scolard happened to be so deep in love with Adele’s songs, and so much that they decided to team up and make a video as they sang a number of her hit songs. They even posted the clip on YouTube and scored millions of hits and views!

These two are so good, that Adele couldn’t help but notice them. While at a concert in Dublin, she told her fans about the cool friends and even invited them onstage for a performance. Ronan and Scolard took the stage and did what they do best – singing!

It didn’t take long for them to find themselves in the spotlight as sponsors and promoters came for them and took them on big tours around and across continents. They became instant celebrities!

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