2 men sit down to play “Hallelujah” – moment they start to play people can’t help but cry

Music is universal music. It only requires few notes to touch anyone’s heart and lift the mood up when we feel down. Music perferences differ from one to another, but most of us agree how the instrumental music is what really touches the soul. No words are needed, the music itself can speak a lot and makes us create our own story as we listen to it.

And now if you are one of the classic music fans, then you are absolutely going to love this instrumental rendition of the all time hit “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.

This song seems to be many artists’ first choice when it comes to renditions. It was first released back in 1984 with little success. Later, it was recorded again by Jeff Buckely. But it looks like it really rose to popularity after being featured in the film Shrek in 2001.

Ever since, the song has been performed by numerous musicians. However, many agree how the rendition done by 2CELLOS is one of the best.

This duo consists of Luka Sulic from Croatia and Stjepan Hauser from Slovenia. These incredibly talented cellists met when they were both just teenagers, and released their first video back in 2011; a rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” that has staggering 830 million views on YouTube. Ever since, their instrumental music enchanted fans from all over the world. Other notable covers they performed are “Thunderstruck” and The Pirates of the Carribean theme.

This time, 2CELLOS did justice to “Hallelujah” and the result is too good to be put into words. It’s something you have to listen yourself. Enjoy!

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