The day little Mila Stauffer tagged along with her family from Arizona all the way to Michigan, she didn’t expect getting through the airport security to be such a hassle. That’s until she actually experienced it firsthand. To say the least, the 2-year-old kid wasn’t impressed. She had to say something!

We’ve bumped into numerous clips of this cutie talking about all the stuff she goes through in life, and this time around, she’s about to hurt your ribs with a rant about what she describes as a mortifying experience at the airport. Her mom made sure to train the camera on the little one as the visibly disturbed kid sought to steam off on the issue. The good mom posted the short clip online and now people all over the world are losing their balance watching it. This kid!

You see, Mila isn’t the type of person to mince her words. She speaks her mind, even signing off by declaring her “fed up” situation with this airport thing. She even swears never to step there again. Just see!

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