3 Teens See Homeless Man on Bench in Middle of Night – What They Do Next Leaves Guard in Awe

When the CCTV camera captured three teenagers walking down the Nysa streets one evening, it was natural to be suspicious.  Why would teenagers be hanging around after dark? It was unclear what their intentions were.

The three teens walked towards a park bench. They approached a homeless man and asked him what he wanted. The man asked for a blanket that would keep him warm at night instead of money.

The teens, later identified as Szymon, Wojtek, and Marcin, granted the man’s request. They found a used but clean blanket for their homeless friend. They gave the man the blanket, hugged him, and left him to sleep.

The teens hoped to hear nothing following their kindhearted act. After all; there was no witness on sight.

Thanks to the CCTV footage, the community learned of the boys’ act. The teens did not want attention or recognition. They wanted to help a fellow human who was struggling. It is not every day that we see random acts of kindness. They deserve a standing ovation.

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