He Grabs His Wife’s Stretched Hand to Start the Dance- His Next Move Has Crowd On Their Feet Cheering

Dancing is a way of life for the lively couple, Vyacheslav and Ogla. The couple loves boogying and swinging to the music together.

The duo has a passion for dancing and participated in the annual “Boogie Woogie Senior “showcase. They had a shot at winning but did not know their performance would wow people across the globe.

“Let’s Twist Again “plays over the speakers as the couple finds their way onto the stage. They are ready to show their audience what they have up their sleeves.

The music gets into full swing and Vyascheslav reaches for his wife’s outstretched and mimics the microphone. The act is a build up for something big moments later.

The couple surprises the audience to an expertly executed routine that most people their age would not even try! The crowd went berserk as the two slid, sashayed, jived and boogied on the dance floor.

It was evident the couple enjoyed all life had to offer instead of sitting down all day.

At the end of their performance, they received a standing ovation and the look on their faces was pure joy.

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