7 Girls in Black and White Tights Line Up Onstage. Their Unique Performance Is Confusing Everyone’s Minds

We have all witnessed exciting and spectacular performances ranging from ventriloquists to puppeteer to children’s performances that leave us in stitches.

A group of seven ladies had the perfect and hilarious dance routine that left everyone with aching ribs. The girls walked onto the stage dressed in mismatched tights. They line up in a row to show the audience what they had been working on for weeks.

With the girl’s mismatched white and black tights, they move their legs in unison as the music plays. Their color choice creates the perfect optical illusion.

It is hard to tell whose legs are moving as the girls appear connected to each other. Their entertaining dance routine entails cat walking, jumps, and kicks among others.  The performance stood out from the rest.

The girls delivered a flawless performance which took a long-term to perfect.

At the end of the performance, the crows could not keep calm. They rose to their feet and cheered a  sign of their appreciation.

The girls took the prize home, thanks to the creative performance.

Watch the footage below and let us know what you think.

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