8 Couples Go For a Diagonal Formation While On Stage. The Crowd Went Wild With Their Next Move

A lot of discussions have been carried out whether it is reasonable to incorporate Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” into the professional music world. Though nothing concrete has been reached at, the performers you are about to meet below will surely change your thinking.

It all starts when a group of female and male dancers take the stage to dance to 1990 hit and in no time they end up including unexpected songs which blend perfectly and the result is an incredible dance routine.

Some of the songs which are in their mix are” “We Are Young,” by Funs, “LA Isla Bonita,” by Madonna, and “U Can’t Touch This,” by MC Hammer. Though they are songs from different decades, you will admire what they came up with – they simply have everything to respond to all tunes in a professional and perfect way.

I couldn’t take my eyes off them once I started watching and I assure you it will be the same with you. You need to be keep and watch the 1:12 mark when they decide to take things to another level. The 3:50 mark is even better.

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