There are millions of dance routines on the Internet, but this one dance routine tops them all because of the members’ outstanding moves and slick choreography!

The “Tap This!” group caught the attention of people around the world with their winning performance. Their dance routine is already going viral, and once you watch it, you’ll understand why…

The Tap This! group chose a different way to grab the attention of viewers, instead of dancing to a classic song, the talented dancers went for “Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammar. The members took the stage and danced passionately with bright smiles on their faces and rhythm in their hearts!

This amazing dance routine obviously took all the members a lot of time and practice to achieve the greatness of every single move. By the end of their performance, all of the audience members were cheering loudly and the judges were amazed by their synchronization.

Some of you may think that clogging is a new sport or maybe they’ve never heard of it before, but according to the Clogging Champions of America (CCA) Website, the clogging has a rich history of competition and inclusiveness.

“Clogging Champions of America was formed in 1997 to generate more activity and interest in clogging and competition, to promote a spirit of fun and fellowship, and to make sure the beginner clogger will get to enjoy competing as much as the clogger who has been in it for years.

The goal of CCA is to create an atmosphere of spirited and sportsmanlike competition, and to provide more opportunities for cloggers within the competitive and entertainment realms. Competition, CCA feels, is a healthy and entertaining part of clogging because it offers dancers the opportunity to travel to different locations – meeting new clogging friends, step sharing, and supporting each other competitively.”

The audience were enjoying every single moment of the group’s performance. These dancers worked so hard for this performance, and it certainly paid it off. They got the first place in the competition and now they’re internet sensations!

Watch this championship routine for yourself in the video below. Wow!

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